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How satisfied are you with your house interior?

No matter if you’re unsatisfied or just want a few changes, MPB Home Renovation is where you will find help. The high quality of our services will make you feel like having a brand new home, with amazing painting and finishing. A simple color change will make a great difference on the way you see your house and enhance its value.

Interior painting Services

Cabinet refinishing and painting

Is trying to change your cabinets giving you headaches? MPB Home Renovation will completely refinish your cabinets so you don’t need to buy new ones.

Color consultation

Are you wondering what color to use when renovating your house? Our professionals will help you consult which one best suits you.

Concrete staining and epoxy finish

Concrete staining can totally change the appearance of your house, while our epoxy finishing will bring more durability and charm to it.

Crown molding services

Our crown mold services are very elegant: it’s perfect for those who want a durable renovation.

Drywall repair

We know how hard it is to have a wall full of holes and damages caused by water, that’s why we seek perfection in order to deliver you high quality drywall services. Your house will look like new again with services that won’t give you headaches.

Wallpaper removal and installation

We know everyone is busy nowadays and wallpaper changing takes a lot of time. That’s why we at MPB Home Renovation want to save you from this trouble so you can use your time doing what really matters to you.

We represent top quality products and manufactures

Advantages of hiring our services:

Quality and Excellence

We have great experience and the best tools in order to perform high quality, excellent services.

We do Personalized Services for Your Needs

We’ll solve your problem, no matter what it is.

Punctuality and Organization

We respect you and your family. Of course during the services, the space will get messy and dirty, so our priority is to finish the service in time in order not to bother you.

About us

We have a highly skilled team with more than 7 years of experience to attend to all the services you may need.

We prioritize high quality, so our clients can trust us and always come back for new services. We also are committed and respectful to all our clients, thus our services are done quickly and delivered in time.

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