Your house will be the most stunning of the neighborhood with our exterior painting services

Schedule a free estimate to find out there are only benefits on hiring our high quality services that will completely change your house exterior.

Exterior house painting services

Your neighbors will think you got a brand new house overnight! You won’t even notice that the job is already done due to the quality and fastness we offer.

Let us tell you a little bit about our services

Many clients are already satisfied by MPB Home Renovation exterior painting services, and now it’s your turn. This agile, reliable process is executed thinking about your well-being.

Honest estimating

In this first step, we’ll together make a general estimate of the project you want: we’ll schedule an appointment so that you’ll meet our estimator who will calculate the budget. This whole process is trustworthy and with no additional hidden fees.

Thorough preparation

Before the first paint drop, the expert MPB Home Renovation Team does a complete space preparation. How does it work? We:
  • Clean all surfaces to be sure there’s no left mold;
  • Scrap all excess paint to make the place stunning;
  • Fill all the gaps with calking to combat any problem with water;
We’re careful about all the steps and always work with agility and focus. You’ll always be informed about everything that is happening during your project.

Expert painting and meticulous clean up

This is the best part: giving a new appearance to your home. During this step, we take care of your house as if it were our own, always seeking to be agile and efficient so you can return to your daily life as quickly as possible.

At the end of the day our focus is completely shifted to cleaning the materials and your house in order to provide you maximum comfort.

Once the project is finished, we’ll evaluate together the result of the painting service in order to guarantee your satisfaction.

We represent top quality products and manufactures

Advantages of hiring our services:

Quality and Excellence

We have great experience and the best tools in order to perform high quality, excellent services.

We do Personalized Services for Your Needs

We’ll solve your problem, no matter what it is.

Punctuality and Organization

We respect you and your family. Of course during the services, the space will get messy and dirty, so our priority is to finish the service in time in order not to bother you.

About us

We have a highly skilled team with more than 7 years of experience to attend to all the services you may need.

We prioritize high quality, so our clients can trust us and always come back for new services. We also are committed and respectful to all our clients, thus our services are done quickly and delivered in time.

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