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MPB Home Renovation cherishes agility and efficiency with trustworthy services that come from many years of experience on this market. We offer you diverse services to transform your house, such as: Interior and exterior painting, power wash, carpentry, siding and decking.

High quality, agile services

You have guaranteed satisfaction with us: we prioritize fast, efficient, and reliable services. Your and our team’s safety is what matters the most to us. Schedule an estimate: it’s quick, easy and free. You’ll be amazed.

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Our goal is to amaze you with the high quality services we offer!

Interior Painting

We’ll make you feel like you’re in a new house with our high quality interior painting services. Our team has more than 7 years of experience to make a fast, well done job.

Exterior Painting

Do you want to increase your property value? You deserve exterior painting services that will enhance your house.

Power Wash

The high quality of our power washing services will make you feel comfortable to do whatever you want, from welcoming your guests to selling the house if you’ve been thinking about it.


With more than 7 years of experience, our professionals are highly qualified to do the carpentry services you need. Getting the place clean and tidy at the end of the project is our priority.

High quality products carefully selected for your project!


Our professional siding services will amaze you: fast and safe installation with guaranteed quality and durability.


We know how important your deck is to you. That’s why we make your deck not just stunning and beautiful, but also durable and resistant.


With more than 150 already well done services, we know exactly what to do to renovate your house. No matter if you want to sell the place or make it more comfortable for you, we’ll do what it takes for you to feel safe and satisfied.



Advantages of hiring our services:

Quality and Excellence

We have great experience and the best tools in order to perform high quality, excellent services.

We do Personalized Services for Your Needs

We’ll solve your problem, no matter what it is.

Punctuality and Organization

We respect you and your family. Of course during the services, the space will get messy and dirty, so our priority is to finish the service in time in order not to bother you.

About us

We have a highly skilled team with more than 7 years of experience to attend to all the services you may need.

We prioritize high quality, so our clients can trust us and always come back for new services. We also are committed and respectful to all our clients, thus our services are done quickly and delivered in time.

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